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West Coast Self-Storage is a regional self storage management company, managing not only our own self storage properties but for third party investors as well. We provide self storage management in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

After a collective 132 years of operations and asset management experience, we know how to manage efficiently and profitably. We know what customers want in a storage center, and what makes a prime location. We’ve learned from the highest quality national storage operator, and after helping build, buy, and manage hundreds of stores across the country, we’ve learned that above all else, storage is a neighborhood business.

Make the most of the money coming in
Perhaps the best way to boost your self storage facility’s income is to review the income already coming in the door. We have successfully managed rental rates at hundreds of storage facilities, so we’re quick to find opportunities to dial them up-or on occasion, down. Market conditions play a big part in your pricing structure. We’ll review your current unit mix, survey the competition, analyze the supply and demand, and make certain your store is earning as much as possible, while still providing good value for the customer. Because a host of outside factors are constantly at work, a store’s rate management is not only a top priority-it’s an ongoing one.
Put the right people in the right places
You might think that in a self-service business, the store manager doesn’t make much of a difference. The truth is, the store manager makes all the difference. We’ve learned that the right person behind the counter can have more impact on your store’s revenues than any other single item. No store can achieve peak performance without satisfied customers, and a helpful, knowledgeable manager is tops on their list. After perfecting the art and science of hiring and training thousands of store managers over the years, we know what it takes to make your customers happy-and keep them coming back.
Create new revenue opportunities
Chances are your customers will need more than space. We can add boxes, packing supplies, rental trucks and customer insurance to your inventory-and teach our managers how to sell against the -big box- stores. You’ll be doing your customers-and your bottom line-a big service, as healthy retail sales can beef up your monthly revenues by a surprising amount. If your site is a good spot for a cell tower or billboard, we’ll explore that possibility as well.
Give your customers every chance to find you
Your store itself is your best and most visible marketing tool, so we’ll start by looking at your signage and curb appeal. In addition, our in-house Internet marketing team, grand openings, and public relations all offer opportunities to plant your name in the minds of prospective customers. We’ve helped create and execute countless store marketing plans in recent years, so we’ve learned what works in the storage business-and just as important, what doesn’t.
Mind the store every day
You’ve made a big investment in the self storage business, so you’ll naturally want to keep close tabs on it. We make that easy by streamlining the accounting and reporting so you can check your store’s progress as often as every day. With the help of the latest in storage industry technology, we generate electronic reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We review virtually every number, and keep a watchful eye on all key business indicators to stay on top of any revenue and expense trends. At the end of each month, we produce financial statements to track your progress for the month and year-to-date.

What’s more, we’ll file all the reports with local tax authorities, and because we want to keep in favor with the neighborhood, we’ll stay on top of all city regulations and permits.

Keep your expenses in check
You have likely discovered by now that operating a storage center can be full of surprising-and surprisingly large-expenses. Fortunately, a little planning and ongoing maintenance can go a long way. We have years of experience in fine-tuning a store’s operating budget, so we can quickly find and trim the fat. We’ve built long-standing relationships with the best vendors in the industry, and are rewarded with favorable pricing. In the bigger picture, we’ve planned for and overseen a multitude of capital improvements, so whether it’s time for a minor project facelift or a major redevelopment, we know how to do the right job, at the right price, at the right time.
Collect what is rightfully yours
Every business has its not-so-fun part, and storage is no exception. No store manager wants to pester his customers to pay their overdue rent, so they often simply don’t, and thousands of revenue dollars are lost. With proper coaching and training, managers can stay on top of receivables so they don’t become a problem down the road. Our managers know the best ways to promote auto-pay programs, so the receivables take care of themselves. If we’re not able to come to a fair resolution with a delinquent customer, we’ll ensure that all proper and legal foreclosure procedures are followed.

“Other management companies have a one size fits all approach to operations. West Coast has encouraged me to stay engaged while listening to my ideas and concerns…”

-Jeff J.

Our Mission

A big part of our mission is to exceed the expectations of both our customers and stakeholders with the highest quality storage products and services. We’re proud to hang our mission and values in every location we manage as a reminder to everyone why we do what we do and that we work hard to be the very best each and every day.

Storage is our favorite thing to talk about! Drop us a line and let’s see what West Coast can do you for you.

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West Coast Self-Storage is proud to be a member of the WSSA, SSA, CSSA and ORSSA

Self Storage Property Management WA, OR, CA

Self Storage Property Management